Sue's Childminding

Ofsted Registered Childminder

PAYG/Ad-hoc Childcare

From time to time, you may require emergency childcare or have commitments which might be difficult or impossible to attend with a young child, such as:

If you find yourself in this situation I would be pleased to help where possible. There are a number of forms to complete to ensure I meet the needs of your child and the requirements of my Ofsted Registration, so you will need to register your child with my service first. Once registered, you can then request childcare by completing a booking form, by telephone/text or email. There is a non-refundable registration fee of £20.00. There's no deposit or retainer fees to pay, because no regular space is being reserved. You pay only for the childcare hours you have booked for your child.

Early booking is recommended to avoid disappointment, but I will try to help out with short-notice arrangements where possible. Please note that I cannot exceed the child ratios set by my Ofsted registration and Public Liability Insurance. Ad-hoc bookings can only be accepted where I have an unfilled vacancy or if a contracted child is absent eg, for sickness or on holiday.

Contact me about ad-hoc/emergency childcare

Shift Workers

Not everyone needs 9-5 care, and if your work hours change frequently it can be difficult to arrange childcare to suit.

If you choose to book ad-hoc care, you have no guarantee a place will be available when you need it. If you book a full time place you may find that you are paying full fees for childcare you can't afford because you are not working.

 In order to reserve a place for the sole use of your child, we will need to agree the earliest possible arrival and latest possible collection time for each day you might need childcare. This time period is the Reserved Time Period. As and when you receive your shift rota, you will notify me of the actual times you will need childcare. This is the Booked Time Period.

You pay full fees for the Booked Time Period and half fees for any remaining part of the Reserved Time Period, subject to a minimum fee.

Contact me about childcare for shift workers