Sue's Childminding

Ofsted Registered Childminder


The Children Say:

"Thank you so much for looking after me, I really enjoyed it!  You are a superb childminder and I will miss you a lot!"

"Good food and you can always ask for something if needed. You feel safe and at home" 

Favourite Toys: Bord [sic] games, Barbys [sic], reading, making, drawing pictures for my mummy, Whot, playing with friends,

Favourite Foods: The dinners, pizer [sic], sausages and potatoes and beans, pasta, fish fingers, spaghetti bolognaise

What's the best thing about coming here? Toys, fish, gluing, playing, drawing, club penguin, computer, reading, board games.

What's the worst thing about coming here? Nothing, I don't know, You got everything actually, when i fall over, tidy up time.


The Parents Say:

"Sue was extremely reliable. Sue went to some lengths to establish our wishes and eneusre these were taken into account. Sue provided an interesting, stimulating and varied set of activites to engage our child" 2013

"Sue offered the very best of care available and would whole heartedly recommend her to others. She showed great care & attention to our daughter". 2013

"[My child]'s confidence has grown enormously due to such activities with Sue. [My child] often asks to go at weekends." 2013

"Indoor activities are fantastic" 2011

"Sue is a fantastic childminder! She's smart, she's very committed, she's very committed to running it as a business but she's very dedicated to the kids in her care."2009

"She goes to extra trouble to come up with new ideas"

"I'm incredibly impressed with your work, and I couldn't manage half what you achieve. Lets hope you carry on doing it for a long time to come" 2009

"Sue takes time and trouble to talk to my son. She also communicates very well with me, giving me information about how his day has been at school etc." 15 April 2008

"...happy relaxed atmosphere in our local village. [my child] enjoys going to Sue's and misses her when on holiday! Sue is always calm and obviously enjoys her job (one that I couldn't do!) 7 April 2008

"She is vary caring and accommodating. She is very positive with the children. Frequent Trips outdoors" 24 Oct 2007

"Sue is reliable, approachable and very friendly.  [my child] has a genuine fondness for her...It is a warm, friendly family environment which is exactly what we wanted." 14 May 2007

"Sue is extremely reliable and did not let us down once" 17 May 2006

"relaxed atmosphere, variety of things to do. [my child] enjoyed going to Sue's" 19 Feb 2006

"easy going homelike but professional care... you have been an absolute star" 23 Jan 2006

"my child often talks about Sue's and is particularly fond of Sue's children, who have played with her and made her feel at home. They are a credit to Sue.  Sue has a very calm approach and her "house rules/discipline" are similar to our own - Sue calmly explains to a child, why he/she should not do something - in a way suitable to the child's age" 2005

"Sue has been very flexible and I feel that [my child] enjoys himself when he is there. Sue always makes [my child] feel at home and when its time to come and pick him up he is always clutching his latest picture or painting he has done that day" 2003

"[my child] has been given a secure and friendly environment in which to grow and develop. [my child] enjoyed many activities from puppet making, plaster of paris model painting, cake making and many more.  Sue has provided the care and support for [my child] that has enabled me to go to work happy in the knowledge he is safe and happy." 2002

"She is clearly very caring, competent and professional" October 2001.

The National Childminding Association (NCMA) say:

S speaks quietly but enthusiastically and clearly with good intonation. She listens well to the children. She uses questioning well. She introduces mathematical language as it occurs naturally. She makes good eye contact.

S responds immediately to the children's requests and enquiries which is appropriate to their stage of development. S indicates to the children that, not only she has listened, but also values their comments eg, "Thats a good idea, N".

9 October 2006

Ofsted say

"The childminder has an excellent understanding of nutrition and how she can support children's health."

"The childminder has created a playroom which is brightly decorated with children's art work and Mr Men characters which have been painted at children's level around the room."

"Children are happy to attend and relish the time they spend with the childminder. They benefit from being cared for by a childminder who is cheerful and enthusiastic about her job. She interacts well with the children and shows that she is genuinely interested in them ...[she] provides a wide range of stimulating activities and play opportunities that promote children's development in all areas.

"...cared for by a knowledgeable and skilled childminder who is constantly reviewing her practice and who gives up-most priority to keeping children healthy. "

"The childminder has a dynamic and professional approach with parents and children"

"The childminder has an extensive range of well written policies and procedures which are individual to the setting, robust and fully reflected in her high quality practice"